The kids of Turles and Venus are 4 couples of twins.

Their names: Terus,Kakarot,Broly,Alive,Haru,Naru,Hoshi and Hana.


Terus and Kakarot are similiar to their father.

Broly is a cute boy with black hair and eyes,Alive is a blond girl with blue eyes.

Haru and Naru are blond with blue eyes,but Haru's hair are longer than Naru's.

Hoshi is similiar to Broly and Hana is a cute blond baby with brown eyes.


Terus and Kakarot were born when Planet Vegeta was still intact,but they survived to the destruction.

Broly and Alive were born on Earth,seven years before Turles died. Alive knew another son of Turles,Kale and got married with him.

Haru and Naru were born five years before Turles died. They don't act very much.

Hoshi and Hana were born a year before Turles died. Hoshi married a girl named Endin. Hana became best friend of Kale's little sister,Venta.

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